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Safety barrier, which separates the working area from surrounding areas and protect any personnel nearby. Besides general protection, it also creates a sound barrier which reduces noise considerably. They create a safe enclosure.
Heavy-duty safety barrier which allows personnel and material to enter/exit the area with relative ease. Owing to their thickness they also offer major mechanical resistance and sound attenuation. They create a safe enclosure.
Metallic structure for holding the welding & protection curtains and strips in place. Designed for the creation of modular cabins juxtaposing their bases at 90° (curtains) and designed for the creation of modular cabins (strips).
Welding Blankets provide protection from spatters, sparks, heat treating, sand blasting, molten metals,… It is a piece of safety equipment designed to protect people, equipment, environment and other valuable items.
Leather gloves are Safety PPE products that are offering a full hand protection against specific occupational hazards. All gloves are made from high quality leather and are stitched with Kevlar stitch, whereat applicable.
Introducing a brand new method of strengthening the firmness of welds and shortening of work time (BOOSTER). Safeguard your fingers from burns with simple soft protection (GUARD). Kneeling and seated welding operations (Pillow).
Clamping devices for holding the electrode securely in any position. Without proper grounding, the circuit voltage fails to produce enough heat for proper welding and there is the possibility of damage to the welding machine and cables.



ROOSTER Ltd. was established in 2017 with its main aim being to personalise and customise any kind of safety product. After a few years company owner Mitja Petelin brought his brother Sašo Petelin on board and this partnership is what gives the company its unique strong point on the welding PPE market.

THE NAMING & THE BRANDING of the company offered itself. The English translation of the surname Petelin is rooster and as the name was appealing and catchy, the brand name became ROOSTERWELD and since then, the two owners have been known as the ROOSTER BROTHERS.

The company’s UNIQUENESS lies in the fact that it is probably the only welding company in the world owning also a digital print and marketing company. In other words, a one-stop-shop.

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