At the end of the year 2021, company Roosterweld signed a business cooperation partnership with the company Mimovrste d.o.o., one of the largest on-line store

Safety barrier, which separates the working area from surrounding areas and protect any personnel nearby. Besides general protection and/or protection against hazardous UV-rays, welding sparks,

Heavy-duty safety barrier which allows personnel and material to enter/exit the area with relative ease. Owing to their thickness they also offer major mechanical resistance

Clamping devices for holding the electrode securely in any position. The welding cable attaches to the holder through the hollow insulated handle. The design of

Essential items for quality welds. Without proper grounding, the circuit voltage fails to produce enough heat for proper welding and there is the possibility of

Safety PPE products that are offering a full hand protection against specific occupational hazards. All gloves are made from high quality leather and are stitched

Comfortable protection for your hands and fingers against burns when welding. Safeguard your fingers from burns with simple soft protection. Very soft material allows easy

Introducing a brand new method of strengthening the firmness of welds and shortening of work time. Easy to use. No need for chamfer cut. No

In addition to primarily offering welding blankets , we are also presenting our first NEW PRODUCT launch that differentiates from all standard fibreglass welding blankets