Business cooperation announcement – Mimovrste d.o.o.

At the end of the year 2021, company Roosterweld signed a business cooperation partnership with the company Mimovrste d.o.o., one of the largest on-line store provider for the national area of Slovenia. The main aim of this partnership is to provide an easy overview of the product portfolio and product offers. It is the initial step of the company  into the new environment, to provide wider accessibility and quality awareness of the products. In the future, we strive to expand also to other markets and areas around the Europe, for an easy reach and shorter lead-time. Find us on –


Safety barrier, which separates the working area from surrounding areas and protect any personnel nearby. Besides general protection and/or protection against hazardous UV-rays, welding sparks, flames, it also creates a sound barrier which reduces noise considerably. They create a safe enclosure.


Heavy-duty safety barrier which allows personnel and material to enter/exit the area with relative ease. Owing to their thickness they also offer major mechanical resistance and sound attenuation. They create a safe enclosure by offering a general protection and/or protection against hazardous UV-rays, welding sparks, flames.


Clamping devices for holding the electrode securely in any position. The welding cable attaches to the holder through the hollow insulated handle. The design of the electrode holder permits quick and easy electrode exchange. Each holder is designed for use within a specified range of electrode diameters and maximum welding current. Wide range of electrode holders enables a selection, all from economical to high tech requirements and heavy duty performance. Most of the electrode holders are made from brass insulating material, which sustain a duty cycle of @35% or @60%.


Essential items for quality welds. Without proper grounding, the circuit voltage fails to produce enough heat for proper welding and there is the possibility of damage to the welding machine and cables. Wide range of ground & earth clamps enables a selection all from economical to high tech requirements and heavy duty performance. The cable can be fastened to the workbench with spring loaded clamp, C-clamp, Screw style or magnetic earth clamp. Most of the ground & earth clamps sustain a duty cycle of @35% or @60%.


Safety PPE products that are offering a full hand protection against specific occupational hazards. All gloves are made from high quality leather and are stitched with Kevlar stitch, whereat applicable. The leather gloves are offering wide range of protection.


Comfortable protection for your hands and fingers against burns when welding. Safeguard your fingers from burns with simple soft protection. Very soft material allows easy manipulation during welding. Best for TIG welding. Make long passes, without feeling the heat.


Introducing a brand new method of strengthening the firmness of welds and shortening of work time. Easy to use. No need for chamfer cut. No edge preparation. No Filler needed. Up to 300% deeper weld penetration. Up to 60% reduced time of welding. One pass welding up to 8 mm material thickness. ROI in less than one month. 30% to 60% direct cost savings on welding*.  4.000 € to 27.000 € savings/year/welder* (*depends on material thickness). Available for STAINLES STEEL or TITANIUM in 50 ml or 125 ml Bottle. 

O-PAN welding blanket

In addition to primarily offering welding blankets , we are also presenting our first NEW PRODUCT launch that differentiates from all standard fibreglass welding blankets available on the market. This welding blanket is made of non-wovens 100% O-PAN material or in short Felt, which makes it soft and pleasant to touch, light-weight and portable, as well as ideal for protection of all sensitive surfaces. The handling is much different in comparison to any other fibreglass welding blanket as it does not create any itching and/or it does not irritate the skin.